Family Owned and Operated since 2010
Hours of Operation: Tuesday - Sunday 11 am - 7 pm. Closed Mondays.

Spacious Indoor Range, Supplies, Instruction and Experienced Bow Technicians

Get off the sofa and come shoot with us!

Our staff of certified coaches and skilled technicians can help you with any archery need. It is our goal to provide the best customer service and instill the love of archery in every person who walks through our door. We pride ourselves in giving the best archery lessons that are both informative and fun! When you buy a bow from Archery Outpost you receive top of the line tuning and setup. There isn't a question or concern that our techs haven't seen or handled. 

Our nearest cross-streets are South St. and Norwalk Blvd. next to the Taco Bell.


The Outpost Promise

  1. Basic Bow Setup is FREE at time of purchase of any bow purchased at Archery Outpost. (Value: $20 for Recurve, $40 for Compound.)
  2. You'll get 4 FREE Lane Rentals with the purchase of any bow at Archery Outpost. (Value: $60)
  3. We will help get you and your gear settled in and tuned properly. It is a good idea to shoot 300-500 arrows through the new bow after the initial tuning to let the string stretch and settle in before doing major tuning work. 
  4. We will not sell you a bow that is too hard for you to pull and say, "You'll get used to it."
  5. We are sensitive to the appearance, cleanliness and atmosphere of our facility. Our bathrooms are guaranteed not to gross you out! The Outpost is our home and when we invite you in we are proud to make you feel at home. We have coffee, cider, iced tea or lemonade for refreshments. 
  6. We apply the Golden Rule here. We treat our customers the way we expect to be treated. 


  1. Q: I am a beginner. What do I need to do to shoot on your range? A: All beginners or brand new archers must take our Beginner Safety Class. This is a mandatory class to ensure the safety of all shooters on the range. 
  2. Q: Can I shoot a crossbow on your range? A: No. In California crossbows are considered a firearm and must be shot on a firearms range. We only allow compound, recurve and longbows on our range. 
  3. Q: What ages are allowed on your range? A: Shooters must be at least 8 years old in order to shoot. Luckily, archery is the type of sport that you can shoot your whole life! Our eldest member is turning 90!
  4. Q: Are you an indoor or outdoor range? A: Our range is only indoor. The maximum distance is 20 Yards. 
  5. Q: Do you rent equipment that can be taken outside your store? A: No. All of our equipment rentals must be used in our range. 
  6. Q: Do you sell archery equipment? A: Yes! We have a full retail shop that sells all types of bows, arrows, targets and accessories.
  7. Q: Do you sell/buy used equipment? A: No. It is very risky to sell/buy used equipment because the history of the equipment isn't always fully known. It creates a liability for the shop and we cannot take the risk.
  8. Q: If I bought my bow elsewhere, will you tune it and teach me how to set it up? A: Yes, but there will be a Basic Setup Fee of $20 for recurves and $40 for compounds. 
  9. Q: How much does it cost to use your range? A: It is $15 to rent a lane for the whole day if you have your own equipment. It is $30 to rent equipment and a lane for the whole day. 
  10. Q: Do you have a kids program? Yes! We have our Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) class for beginner, intermediate and advanced youth archers. Please see the Youth Program tab for details.